Love Letters From Mars.

Tamara Araus

Me he integrado a la familia hace muy poco soy una
echelon hace muy poco tiempo y quiere que sepan que han sido los
mejores de mi vida……. amo la musica de Mars

me han enseñado a amarla con sus canciones no puede aver mejor grupo
que este sin duda  creo que nunca voy a dejar de ser una echelon
…..Mars, hacen la musica de veradad con amor ,inspiracion son sin
duda el mejor grupo de toda la histotria de la musica … yo soy de
chile ojalas recuerden cuando vinieron aqui en el llollapalooza….
ese sin duda fue el mejor dia de mi vidaaaa…… en una palabra
increible VIVA MARS ojala que nunca se acabe por que son genial…..
 Happy valentine days Mars … I LOVE MARS encuentro que hacen la
musica como ningun grupo son unicos Mars….
Hacen unos dias atras vi una pagina donde hablaban de Jared y lo
trataban de arrogante e ingreido… Yo encuentro que es un hombre
genial y hace la musica y l compone como ningun cantante es unico y


My love, My life for you all

I could say something lame or boring as 

"Roses are red and violets are blue.." 

But that would not be what I am, who I am, what I really am


First love is for my beloved Family Echelon

Got known few of you better in past few weeks and could not think my life anymore without you. You are important to me, every single one of you with your fails and goods. Some of you are young some old, some are blond some not - I don’t care, we share same love, we share same interests. I love you.

I’ll stand for you always, I hope you’ll stand for me as well. Through thick and thin. I will love you.

I would want to mention all of you, I really would, but I rather say this is for YOU ALL than just pick the ones I have managed to met and get known, because I wait for get knowing YOU better.


Jared, Shannon & Tomo

You’ve done so much for me without even knowing what all you have done. There are many things I would have not succeed without you. Your spirit, your love, your courage, they’ve done so much for me.

I cannot even describe how much you have done, one of those, maybe the most important for me right now is that you’ve helped me to write my first novel, without you it would not be complete even yet nor would be in long long long time. Thank you, sincerely. I owe you a big time. Love you guys, always.

Your Jen, always (@JenKalliosto)

love letters to mars

Dear echelon members and family,
Where would I be without you, I don’t know??? I am so grateful for meeting the echelon that I have…they are always welcoming and loving,supportive and inspiring…when I need to be cheered up they are there..I am so happy to know you all!!!! Happy valentine’s !!! MARSHUGS!!! FOREVER AND EVER…

Hello guys!
Honestly, I don’t know what to write in my love letter…
I want to say that I love 30 seconds to Mars, love their energy, music, inspiration, group personality…As for me they are not like the other rock bands.
And I want to say love words to all Echelon! I wish to everyone to spend this day with one whom you love a lot. (I don’t know whom he or she may be, it may be your mom xoxo but it’s OK! You certainly love your parents.) So…Have a nice Valentine day! Let this day be romantic!
Sincerely yours,
Alice Robins

On Christmas Joanne asked me if I also wanted to be an admin of echelon4echelon because I promoted jared’s birthday project on twitter and I said no. Sometimes I regret my decision but I’m so happy I found you people anyway. I love it how things have changed since this year began. I never expected how things would change so fast. I got in contact with some of the most amazing people spread all over the world and I’m going to meet some of you in person and that’s more that I’d have ever expected. I love you and that’s what I wanted to say!’

Dearest Echelon,

You are a remarkable group of people, you know that? When I came into this family I felt so accepted and understood. It was a bit overwhelming at first. I thought a couple of times ‘how did I end up here’, but it felt good. I’d say we are slightly more entertaining than the average family. There are rocking aunts, uncles who don’t act their age, wall-flower nieces, rebellious nephews, drama-queen cousins, dancing mums… it is all right here. We are not perfect, but we are real. I am happy to be a part of the Echelon. We love the (new) music, the anticipation of concerts, the recognition in feelings and emotions, the thrill of VyRT and whatever makes our heart beat faster. Awesome family. We go through all the emotions of life, because we share it together.

Monique Echelon

My dear Echelon Family page admins <3

Just wanted to let my lovely admin family, that I love them <3

You mean so much to me!


This one’s for you!

This one’s for the man I’ve never met. It’s for that special one, that fulfils me, fulfils my life, completes me.

It goes out to the one that loves me with all that I am, with all that I’ve been and what I will be. The one I can grow with, that will grow with me to make a perfect one out of two imperfects.

This letter is for that one guy that is so special, warm, happy, leading, dominant, releasing, holding, honest, sensitive and full of love – he’s that one that is so different, that it makes it perfect. Not for the world, but for me.

He’s the one that keeps me safe at night, guides me through my day, helps me up when I’m down and is with me in every situation.


One day there will be that moment when we stand face to face, forehead to forehead, so close that we can feel each others breath, our hands in each other devoured and the world will stop for a moment. This special moment we want to last forever, when we realize the other one’s what we have ever been searching for and we never want to let each other go.

I can’t wait for that moment when I have you in my life.


I will love you with everything I have, no matter what, no matter why. We will be two individuals come to one. Give me your love, your heart, your everything that you are and I will take care of you and carry your love like a treasure, keep it safe and defend it with my live.


I love you, even though I don’t now who you are.

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